Rare Violins


Imagine possessing the ability to restore hundreds-year old instruments. Yes, you read that correctly: hundreds of years old. Rare Violins of New York does just that, and in early 2018, Arnold was pleased to partner with them for this most unique project. Rare Violins of New York requested a display solution for their priceless collection, and also workstations that would meet the needs of their restoration team.



Here is the magical workshop where the rare instruments are restored. There is extreme attention to detail when it comes to working with these violins, and the custom workstations we created are the perfect setting for this intricate work. It was an honor to be selected as the manufacturer for this project, as we know how much this company values bespoke, custom work. It was amazing to see the workstations in use by these talented artists.



Once these rare violins are complete – they go into the vault! Who can say they have been inside a violin vault? It was an amazing experience to tour this NYC gem.


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