Build Your Own

Design your own table from start to finish.

Top Shapes
Square, Radius CornerSquare, Radius Corner
Rectangle, Radius CornerRectangle, Radius Corner
Boat, Curved EndBoat, Curved End
Boat, Radius CornerBoat, Radius Corner
Inlay Options
Straight Grain Woods - All top shapes, all finishes.Straight Grain WoodsAll top shapes, all finishes.
Two-Tone Straight Grain Woods - Standard on some Duncan Phyfe, optional on all others.Two-Tone Straight Grain WoodsStandard on some Duncan Phyfe, optional on all others.
Sunburst & Belmont Tops - Round, Octagonal, and Racetrack tops only.Sunburst & Belmont TopsRound, Octagonal, and Racetrack tops only.
Two-Tone Sunburst & Belmont Tops - Standard on some Duncan Phyfe, optional on all others.Two-Tone Sunburst & Belmont TopsStandard on some Duncan Phyfe, optional on all others.
Plastic Laminate - All top shapes in any textured laminate color. Arnold can use any commercially available laminate.Plastic LaminateAll top shapes in any textured laminate color. Arnold can use any commercially available laminate.
Diamond Pattern - Optional on all tables.Diamond PatternOptional on all tables.
Reverse Diamond - Standard on Select Group, option on all others.Reverse DiamondStandard on Select Group, option on all others.
Crotch Mahogany - Standard on some Traditional, optional on all others.Crotch MahoganyStandard on some Traditional, optional on all others.
Book & Butt Matched with Border - Standard on some Traditional, optional on all others.Book & Butt Matched with BorderStandard on some Traditional, optional on all others.
Starburst - Veneers radiate from central point. Standard on some Traditional, Transitional, Contemporary. Multiple section tops may result in multiple starbursts.StarburstVeneers radiate from central point. Standard on some Traditional, Transitional, Contemporary. Multiple section tops may result in multiple starbursts.
Edge Options
1.25" Notched Quarter Round - F21.25" Notched Quarter RoundF2
1.25" Notched Bevel - F31.25" Notched BevelF3
1.25" Reversed Bevel - F41.25" Reversed BevelF4
1.25" Reversed Chamfered - F91.25" Reversed ChamferedF9
2" Bullnose (Without Reveal) - FA2" Bullnose (Without Reveal)FA
2" Reverse Bevel - FB2" Reverse BevelFB
2" Bevel - FC2" BevelFC
2" x 0.313" Hardwood - FD2" x 0.313" HardwoodFD
2" Traditional - FE2" TraditionalFE
1.25" Traditional - FF1.25" TraditionalFF
2" Self-Edge (Laminate Only) - FG2" Self-Edge (Laminate Only)FG
1.25" Self-Edge (Laminate Only) - FH1.25" Self-Edge (Laminate Only)FH
2" Serrated - FI2" SerratedFI
2" Jamestown Transitional - FJ2" Jamestown TransitionalFJ
2" Transitional - FK2" TransitionalFK
2" Duet - FL2" DuetFL
2" Reeded - FM2" ReededFM
2.5" Stone/Wood Duo-Bullnose - FN2.5" Stone/Wood Duo-BullnoseFN
1.5" Stone Bullnose - FO1.5" Stone BullnoseFO
1.25" Hardwood - FP1.25" HardwoodFP
3" Traditional - FQ3" TraditionalFQ
1.25" Chamfered - FR1.25" ChamferedFR
1.25" Bullnose - FS1.25" BullnoseFS
1.25" Quarter Round - FT1.25" Quarter RoundFT
1.25" Vinyl (Laminate Only) - FV1.25" Vinyl (Laminate Only)FV
2" Reversed Duet - FW2" Reversed DuetFW
1.25" Raised Bevel - FX1.25" Raised BevelFX
1.25" Reeded - FY1.25" ReededFY
2.25" Kastina - FZ2.25" KastinaFZ
2" Wood Bullnose with Stone Inlay - SA2" Wood Bullnose with Stone InlaySA
2" Wood Reversed Bevel with Stone Inlay - SB2" Wood Reversed Bevel with Stone InlaySB
2" Wood Bevel with Stone Inlay - SC2" Wood Bevel with Stone InlaySC
2" Wood Duet with Stone Inlay - SL2" Wood Duet with Stone InlaySL
2" Wood Reeded with Stone Inlay - SM2" Wood Reeded with Stone InlaySM
Queen AnneQueen Anne
Duncan PhyfeDuncan Phyfe
Neo-Classical Panel LegNeo-Classical Panel Leg
Neo-Classical Pedestal BaseNeo-Classical Pedestal Base
Neo-Classical Rectangular BaseNeo-Classical Rectangular Base
Neo- Classical Fluted LegNeo- Classical Fluted Leg
Cylinder - TraditionalCylinder - Traditional
Square ColumnSquare Column
Parsons LegParsons Leg
Rectangular - TraditionalRectangular - Traditional
X- BaseX- Base
Hex BaseHex Base
Cylinder - ContemporaryCylinder - Contemporary
Quadri LegsQuadri Legs
Half CylinderHalf Cylinder
Mas BaseMas Base
Rectangular - ContemporaryRectangular - Contemporary
X BaseX Base
Panel LegsPanel Legs
DX BaseDX Base
DC Wood BaseDC Wood Base
Panel End ParsonsPanel End Parsons
Power/Data UnitsMaterials
101 Royal Walnut - Wood101 Royal WalnutWood
102 Cordovan Walnut - Wood102 Cordovan WalnutWood
103 Park Avenue Walnut - Wood103 Park Avenue WalnutWood
105 Cappuccino Walnut - Wood105 Cappuccino WalnutWood
107 Platinum Walnut - Wood107 Platinum WalnutWood
108 New York Walnut - Wood108 New York WalnutWood
109 Bourbon Walnut - Wood109 Bourbon WalnutWood
503 Ebonized Walnut - Wood503 Ebonized WalnutWood
200 Natural Oak - Wood200 Natural OakWood
202 Midnight Oak - Wood202 Midnight OakWood
203 Graphite Oak - Wood203 Graphite OakWood
501 Ebonized Oak - Wood501 Ebonized OakWood
300 Mahogany - Wood300 MahoganyWood
301 Ashleigh Mahogany - Wood301 Ashleigh MahoganyWood
303 Scarlet Mahogany - Wood303 Scarlet MahoganyWood
401 Light Cherry - Wood401 Light CherryWood
402 Victorian Cherry - Wood402 Victorian CherryWood
404 Red Cherry - Wood404 Red CherryWood
700 Natural Maple - Wood700 Natural MapleWood
702 Kensington Maple - Wood702 Kensington MapleWood
703 Yukon Maple - Wood703 Yukon MapleWood
604 Windsor Anigre - Wood604 Windsor AnigreWood
605 Belmont Anigre - Wood605 Belmont AnigreWood
Satin Aluminum - MetalSatin AluminumMetal
Brushed and Stainless Steel - MetalBrushed and Stainless SteelMetal
White 900* - LacquerWhite 900*Lacquer
Black 901* - LacquerBlack 901*Lacquer
Absolute Black - StoneAbsolute BlackStone
Black Galaxy - StoneBlack GalaxyStone
Blue Pearl - StoneBlue PearlStone
Botticcino Semi-Classico - StoneBotticcino Semi-ClassicoStone
Calcutta Gold - StoneCalcutta GoldStone
Carrara - StoneCarraraStone
Crystalsalomec - StoneCrystalsalomecStone
Dakota  Mahagony - StoneDakota MahagonyStone
Dark Emperador - StoneDark EmperadorStone
Impala - StoneImpalaStone
Jerusalem Gold - StoneJerusalem GoldStone
Light Emperador - StoneLight EmperadorStone
Luna Pearl - StoneLuna PearlStone
Negro Marquina - StoneNegro MarquinaStone
Rosa Porrina - StoneRosa PorrinaStone
Rose Aurora - StoneRose AuroraStone
Spring Green - StoneSpring GreenStone
Rosso Levanto - StoneRosso LevantoStone
Verdec - StoneVerdecStone
Ubatuba - StoneUbatubaStone
* Can match any selected Benjamin Moore color for an upcharge.

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