William and Mary Marshall-Wyeth School of Law

In 2009 ARD collaborated with courtroom designers from the Centelr for Legal and Court Technology in the renovation of their courtroom. The result is the most high tech courtroom on the planet.

The Center for Legal and Court Technology (formerly the Courtroom 21 Project) is a non-profit entrepreneurial research, education, and consulting public service organization that seeks to improve the administration of justice through the use of appropriate technology. Court-oriented, CLCT is a joint initiative of William & Mary Law School and the National Center for State Courts. CLCT works to assist courts, government agencies, law firms, law schools, judges, lawyers, court reporters, paralegals, legal technologists and other members of the legal professions. Through the Courtroom 21 Court Affiliates CLCT directly supports approximately three thousand judges and courtrooms in the United States and Canada. ARD has collaborated with CLCT in several major projects and recently helped to renovate the McClothlin courtroom/classroom at the Law School. Since its renovation in the summer of 2009, this courtroom is the first courtroom in the world to be wired entirely with fiber optics, features 1080p resolution in all its many screen and monitors, and is entirely digital (dvi). Under the guidance of the world renown court designer Martin Gruen, ARD built the furniture and paneling that houses the high tech equipment.
Witness stand and court interpreter desk
Judge's bench
Mutli media rotating legal lectern
Attorney Table
Jury box
Court reporter
Federal Courtroom
Equipment cabinet

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