Materials and Finishes

Core Collection Finishes  /  10% sheen





Solid Colors / 30% sheen

900 Satin White900 Satin WhiteNo Visible Graining
901 Satin Black901 Satin BlackNo Visible Graining

We can match any Benjamin Moore, subject to up-charge. Please call factory: 866-425-6529.

Heritage Collection Finishes  /  30% sheen







Specialty Finishes  /  Available for Additional Cost, Lead Times Vary

Specialty Veneers Finishes

Bird's Eye MapleBird’s Eye Maple
Figured AnigreFigured Anigre
Burl VeneerBurl Veneer
Pommele MakorePommele Makore
Crotch MahoganyCrotch Mahogany
Quartered WalnutQuartered Walnut
Tiger MapleTiger Maple
Figured English SycamoreFigured English Sycamore
Quilted MapleQuilted Maple

Stone Selections

The following stones are representations of some of the stones we offer and work with. They are meant to provide inspiration and prices vary.


Marble / All marble is quoted as White Carrara. Other marble offerings are subject to upcharge.

Granite / All granite is quoted as Absolute Black. Other granite offerings are subject to upcharge.


Solid Surfacing


Corian and Krion

Metal Finishes

Metal is used in several Arnold Contract styles, and comes in various finishes. Solid metal is used on the stand-offs under glass counters, and legs, while pure metal laminate is used as decorative banding and toe kicks.


Classic Metals

Classic Metals - Burnt SteelBurnt Steel
Classic Metals - Black OxideBlack Oxide
Classic Metals - Satin SteelSatin Steel

Handcrafted Metals

Handcrafted Metals - Stainless SteelStainless Steel
Handcrafted Metals - Oiled BronzeOiled Bronze
Handcrafted Metals - GunmetalGunmetal

Premium Metals

Premium Metals - Polished SteelPolished Steel
Premium Metals - Matte BrassMatte Brass
Premium Metals - Distressed BrassDistressed Brass

High Pressure Laminate

Standard Laminates

Color Core Laminates
There will be an upcharge for color core type laminate.


High Gloss Laminates
There will be an upcharge for laminate with a high gloss finish.


Metal Laminates
The two standard finishes are satin aluminum and brushed stainless steel. Other finishes are available for a small upcharge, including brushed or polished chrome and brass.


Laminate Edge Options

Laminate Edge Options

Fabric Options

Mayer Fabrics Overview

Arnold Contract is pleased to partner with Mayer Fabrics. Celebrating 125 years in 2022, Mayer is driven by design, durability, sustainability, and affordability. With all fabrics graded in, this partnership brings exceptional textiles to Arnold’s upholstered contract furniture. See interactive cards to explore Mayer’s offerings.

Tackboard Fabrics

Mayer Fabrics

Continuum 10 Fabric Options

422-000422-000 Espresso
422-001422-001 Lipstick
422-002422-002 Saffron
422-003422-003 Spring
422-004422-004 Indigo
422-005422-005 Magenta
422-006422-006 Onyx
422-007422-007 Cafe Au Lait
422-008422-008 Beet
422-009422-009 Madarin
422-013422-013 Emerald
422-014422-014 Electric
422-016422-016 Charcoal
422-017422-017 Almond
422-019422-019 Brick
422-023422-023 Citrine
422-024422-024 Caribbean
422-026422-026 Dove
422-027422-027 Stone
422-033422-033 Pine
422-034422-034 Turquoise
422-036422-036 Iron
422-037422-037 Igloo
422-043422-043 Bottle
422-424422-424 Ocean

Mobile Pedestal Cushion Top

Mayer Fabrics

Fedora Fabric Options

621-000621-000 Mink
621-001621-001 Ruby
621-002621-002 Topaz
621-003621-003 Cactus
621-004621-004 Midnight
621-005621-005 Purple
621-006621-006 Bitumen
621-007621-007 Winter
621-008621-008 Plum
621-009621-009 Persimmon
621-010621-010 Espresso
621-011621-011 Tomato
621-013621-013 Citron
621-014621-014 Indigo
621-016621-015 Charcoal
621-017621-017 Fawn
621-019621-019 Tangelo
621-023621-023 Eucalyptus
621-026621-026 Pewter
621-033621-033 Opal
621-036621-036 Dapper
621-043621-043 Aquamarine
621-046621-046 Light Grey
621-053621-053 Aegean
621-056621-056 Dew


Glass is used on several Arnold Contract series as a counter or work surface material. It comes in clear, frosted, or back painted glass and typically has a polished edge. For the transaction tops, the metal stand-offs are typically glued to the underside of the glass counter.

Miscellaneous Materials

Arnold Contract uses a number of other materials in its furniture, including leather, acrylics, woven metal, etc.

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