Cable Management

There are a number of special receptacles available. These are often found on attorney tables, jury box work-surfaces, and municipal courtroom benches.

Cable Management

Black GrommetsStandard 1-7/8″ diameter grommetDefault color is black. Available in brushed aluminum, brushed or polished brass and chrome. Typically there is one grommet in each section, but Arnold Contract will install additional grommets for a nominal upcharge.
J Channel“J-Channel”Extruded plastic cableway are included with each unit shipped. They can be attached to the underside of the worksurface or the interior surface of the chassis. Color is black


Wire ManagementWire management Arnold developed a hollow construction wire management system with removable cable access panels and cut-outs for receptacle above. Wall outlet access door in open positionWall outlet access door in open position In many cases the return on a unit butts up to a wall on which the power, voice, and data outlets are located. With a typical full end panel, an access cut-out must be made in the field to permit access to those outlets. However, with the wall outlets access flap, the end panel is replaced with a hinged flap that permits easy access and eliminates field cuts.Watch YouTube Videos » Cable access doors for conference tablesCable access doors for conference tables In most instances, a reception desk will be placed against a wall on which are located power, voice and/or data outlets that must be accessed from inside the unit. The cable access doors, available in 3 std sizes, is a clean solution to what can be a messy problem. The modesty panel that is facing the outlets must be cut in the field to expose the outlets, then the cable access door is attached to the inside of the panel, wires are fed through a notch in the frame, plugged into the wall outlets and the door is closed.Watch YouTube Video »


wall-outlet-access-flap1The first photo shows flap in closed position. The second photo shows flap in open position. There is enough room to plug electrical wires or extensions into wall outlet and snake the cables behind the pedestal. If there is no pedestal, the end panel can be recessed and the flap can be hinged on the end panel.
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